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We appreciate the time and sacrifice you have made to be with us on our day. Your presence and your love is the most valuable to us and it is gift enough. However, if you would like to give us an additional gift, you can fill out the form at the end of this website or call Modern Travel at (787) 200-6598 to contribute towards one of our honeymoon experiences.

Much love and let the party begin.


Florence City Tour  

An excursion to get to know the capital of Tuscany, where its streets, squares, and museums contain so much art that they transform the city into an open-air museum. Stroll through the heart of the Renaissance , explore central squares like the Piazza della Signoria and Piazza del Duomo, and stroll with your guide over the iconic Ponte Vecchio while learning about the history and

culture of the Florentines. 


Price: $395.00


Val D'OrcioWine Tour with Chauffeur

At the agreed time the chauffeur-driven guide will be at the hotel, for a journey through some of Tuscany's best wine regions and most charming medieval villages, through the picturesque Orcia Valley, and visit the birthplaces of the appreciated Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano red wines will visit one of the historic wineries in the area, with a wine tasting accompanied by lunch.

Price: $1,215.00


7-course dinner & Wine Pairing in Michelin Star Restaurant in
Castello Banfi 

Located in the shadow of the historical Castello Banfi, La Sala dei Grappoli welcomes you in an elegant and refined atmosphere. Savor the authenticity of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and the freshest and local ingredients: creative menus and a rich selection of Castello Banfi wines await you.

Price: $306.00 p/p

Horseback Riding Through the Vineyards in Castello Banfi

Enjoy a horse ride through the vineyards, with a Maremmana horse, the authentic Tuscan breed. Our experienced guide will take you for about three hours, through the panoramic paths around the Castello. One of the most enjoyable ways to get to know and fall in love with our countryside.

Price: $305.00 p/p


Rome Walking Tour 

An excursion with a private guide and driver to get to know the Eternal City, where time seems to have stopped centuries ago, located between seven hills and the Tiber River. Its historical and cultural heritage has no comparison with any country in the world.

We will visit an Ancient Rome, that of the imperial ruins, a Catholic Rome, that of the Vatican and the hundred churches; the Renaissance Rome of Michelangelo or Raphael, the Baroque Rome of Bernini and Borromini, and the Modern Rome metropolis with high fashion shops, cafes, restaurants, and typical trattorie.

Price: $558.00


Vatican Morning Tour

In the morning you'll meet with the guide in the hotel lobby. A visit at this time where the privileged entrance allows you to contemplate the works of Michelangelo: Sistine Chapel, the Last Judgment, and the extraordinary ceiling frescoes, with a limited number of people. Enter the Vatican and start your tour with a visit to the Vatican Museum, a true spectacle for everyone who visits. Your tour itinerary through the museum is specialized to focus on the most important parts of the site. Next, you will visit the Sistine Chapel. Once inside you will get to marvel at this glorious place, not to mention, see in the flesh, Michelangelo's masterpiece depicting the last judgment, on the ceiling. This is a true sight to behold. Finish your tour in front of the Basilica of St. Peter, the biggest church in the world.

Price: $500.00


Capri Boat Tour

Capri is one of the most spectacular islands in the Mediterranean but can be uncomfortably crowded in summer. Escape the throngs and instead take in the island by the sea with this boat tour around the coast. You can choose the tour length that suits your schedule and relax on board as you sail past highlights like the Faraglioni, stopping to swim and snorkel in hidden coves.

Price: $870.00

Pompeii Tour

Travel back in time and imagine life during the Roman Empire, walking along the ancient streets built more than 2000 years ago. See what remains of the stores, temples, and theaters that were covered by ash and lava during the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD. Admire the mosaic tiles of the luxurious villas of the wealthy merchants who made their fortunes in the prosperous city. See the Ruins of the Faun's Mansion and imagine how the citizens entertained themselves, discovering meeting houses, baths, and more

Price: $550.00


Give the Gift  of Memories 

Private photography session 


60 mins  ($437.00)

  • 30 photos

  • 1 - 2 location

  • Digital files included

Pasta Making Class

Learn the art of pasta from a trained Italian chef and walk away with a new set of culinary skills during this private cooking class. Chef-led workshops end with a sit-down dinner of your creations, paired with organic Tuscan wine bottled locally.

Price: $165 p/p



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